Lori Campbell-Moore

She is a jewelry artists living in Harrisburg, Pa.   Her pieces are rustic, earthy, and nature inspired.  She uses traditional metalsmithing, wirework, and electroforming to create one of a kind pieces incorporating natural gemstones and organic materials.

“I found my passion a little late in life when I felt a strong need for a creative outlet to deal with the stress and feeling trapped in a thankless job working at a state prison. I never thought of myself as artistic or crafty, but have always had a love for the arts and creating something out of nothing. Making jewelry was something that I always wanted to try, but never had the courage to actually do until recently. In September 2013, I bought my first coil of copper wire, some beads, and a few tools to make my first wire wrapped ring from a tutorial I had found online. After that, I was hooked and couldn't stop making things and learning new techniques. I had opened up a creative side of me that I never knew I had and the ideas for new pieces started flowing. I love everything about my craft-the design process, choosing the materials for a piece, the fabrication process, putting the finishing touches on it, and even the packaging, but nothing tops when something I've loved creating also brings joy to the person wearing it.”

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