Kiku Handmade

Kiku is Laurie Freivogel's glass studio located just outside Chicago, Illinois. While she has been creating ever since she can remember, glass fusing is relatively new to her. Her love of glass started when she bought a fused glass pendant at an art fair – "it was the first time I had ever noticed fused glass. I was totally drawn in by the texture, the molten-liquid-turned-solid moment, the transparency of the vibrant turquoise balanced with the organic, opaque red inclusion. After our daughter was born in 2001, I quit my full time job at a computer consultancy to stay home with our two kids. Very soon I found myself going crazy as an at-home mom with an art background and nothing to make. In the spring of 2004, I discovered the indie craft movement that was growing in Chicago and had an epiphany: glass. I bought myself a small kiln, some books and glass, set up a studio in my basement and started experimenting. Soon enough, I was creating humdrum pendants, earrings and pins that were lovely, but unfulfilled. I needed a new direction."

When I'm not in my glass studio, you might find me sewing, knitting, creating with our kids, or roller skating with Derby Lite.

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