Ellen Byrne Illustration

"In third grade my teacher, Miss Kokamei, told me I had a great imagination. She encouraged me to draw and paint but said it was my imagination that set me apart.

I took Miss Kokamei's advice, took art classes, learned art techniques from my Grandfather, grew up, married, raised four terrific kids, moved frequently to lots of interesting places, had odd jobs, took more art classes, and finally settled in the cool little city of Frederick, Maryland, a place full of fabulous graphic design and marketing firms as well as a rich fine arts.

In my forties I started applying for jobs as an illustrator but no one would hire me. After telling a job coach my dream she said "now how realistic is that?"  A potential employer actually laughed at me when I approached him at a job fair. I'd like go back and thank these people because their attitudes prompted me to be more determined than ever to follow my passion - to tell stories with pictures. I started my own business in late 2003, and within seven years I'd won multiple awards including a national gold ADDY for illustration."

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